• Type : Public class
  • Inherents from MonoBehaviour
  • Namespace : SlateShipyard.ShipSpawner

Spawner of the ship addons added on ShipSpawnerManager.

Giving the prefab function, this will spawn on the best place a ship (WIP).


Public Methods

void Start()

The Start function of a MonoBehaviour.

bool SpawnShip(Func< GameObject > shipPrefab, bool spawnEvenIfNotAllowed)

Spawns a ship giving the shipPrefab function.

If spawnEvenIfNotAllowed is set to false, it will first check to see if the ship will spawn inside something and will not spawn it if that is the case (WIP). If it is set to true it will ignore that check. The check feature is still WIP so set spawnEvenIfNotAllowed to true if you want to be able to use the function.

Public Static Methods

Bounds GetCombinedBoundingBoxOfChildren(Transform root)

Gets the Bounds of a object combined collider.